Advisory Services

The municipal operating environment is becoming more and more complex.  Staff and Councils in small NWT communities often need expert advice to administer their operations. The NWTAC is helping meet those challenges with three programs providing professional advice to communities in major fields of municipal management.

All advisory services are confidential, with no reporting back to the NWTAC or NCIP other than general statistics. Please download our brochure explaining our services.

Legal Support Services

Member Communities have access to legal advice through the NWTAC partnership with Brownlee LLP.

  • Informal verbal advice by phone on the Municipal Helpline
  • 3 hours of prepaid formal legal advice/opinion per year
  • Access to NWT licensed lawyers in litigation, corporate and municipal fields
  • Development of resource materials for use by all members

Human Resources Advisory Services

Not certain how to handle a Human Resources issue? Want to talk it through with a professional? The NWTAC offers enhanced Human Resources Advisory Services available to the SAO or Band Manager and the Chief, Mayor or designated alternate.  Services include:

  • Unlimited one-on-one telephone access to veteran HR Professionals
  • Access to database of documents including job descriptions, policies, manuals, best practice guides, templates, presentations, calculators, and more.

Procedural & Governance Advice

Following proper procedures in the administration of community government business is complex and demanding.  Advice is now available on navigating the precise requirement of governance in areas ranging from elections and Council business to by-laws and interpreting legislation.  The NWTAC has retained David Kravitz to provide advice to community leaders and administrators.